Monday, 27 February 2017

Slaying it 2017 || Beginning my Minimalism Journey!

Hello Friends,

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that has kind of just captured my attention in the past couple of months. That is minimalism. I know this concept has been around for a while now & if you search it on YouTube or google blog posts on it you will probably find more than you will ever be able to watch or read in a lifetime. However that is not why I thought it was for me. I always liked the idea of it but I also loved shopping (I still do, but I feel a little differently about it now)  I remember watching videos on it thinking "Thats nice but Nah, its not for me" I always thought I was mostly an intentional shopper, therefore everything I owned, I needed & had a purpose. I was wrong. Here is what happened - 

Last year I moved twice. once to kerry & once back again when the season had ended. Although moving was a hassle the first time, once it was done, it was done & didn't really think much about. However this was different when I moved back into the family home for a few months. 

First of all, what I failed to realise the first time was that when I was moving out I only took what I needed / wanted for those 8 months. Therefore there were still a load of my possessions left in the family home. Also in the 8 months I had been gone I had also been shopping and accumulated more things. As you can imagine when moved back I had all the items I had previously left in the house, all the items I had taken with me & now all the items I had accumulated in the 8 months all under the same roof. To make matters worse after working so hard (yes I had an amazing 8 months) I still had student loan debt & little to no savings.... something had to change. 

Looking around at all the bags and boxes that covered almost every inch of floor space I had in my room and the hall & also my brothers room (He no longer lives in) I knew something had to change. This was no way to live. Also not only was it not possible to love and truly appreciate all the items I owned but if I'm honest I had forgotten about half of them. The sheer amount of clothes along was enough to almost to make me want to quit before I had even started, Make up & beauty was another one.... I felt completely overwhelmed. It honestly looked like a physical representation of how it felt to be inside my head sometimes. 

This had to change! I went onto to Audible & bought - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo & although I was already ready to have this in order it provided me with the direction & inspiration I needed. I will have a full review of this book coming soon. I am currently reading - Spark Joy by Marie Kondo - The sequel to her first hit. 

So far I think I am making good headway with my lifes possessions. Up to the last couple of months I had never given anything away in my life just consumed, consumed, consumed. It is impossible to truly value or take care of your possessions when there are so many, you don't know what you have, you have nowhere to put them & honestly you never use them. 

I have a little hoarder voice in me that says "But what if you will need it in the future? Then you will have to spend more money trying to replace it" Since reading the book & watching video's I now see giving things away in a different light. Why should I be selfish & keep something just because I can when someone else could really love & appreciate it & put it to good use!? Besides majority of us have enough possessions that would almost last a life time yet we continue to purchase anyway. 

I am not going to stop shopping completely, Heck I have a haul post as my most recent post on my beauty blog (Links below) but my shopping will definitely be more intentional now. 

I am nowhere near complete with the minimalisation of my world, but I am definitely on right track. I'm hoping that minimalism & getting better with my finances will work hand & hand so that I can focus on enjoying my life rather than spend my life worrying about tidying & debts & then shopping to make myself feel better.

I am just beginning my journey here but I will be taking you with me so if you are beginning too then stay tuned & we can do this together!! If you are more of a vet at this, with alot more experiance than me please feel free to leave helpful hints & tips in the comments below. They would be very much appreciated!! 

Chat Soon x

Thank You for Reading

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Beauty La Linda Lifestyle || Slaying it 2017 || Here come the girls!!

Hey Friends,


Today I wanted to talk to you about a newer holiday/trend that is sweeping the nation.. that is GALENTINES DAY. It is a time we take to truely appreciate our besties!! A time where we push all boys / romantic love to the side and just focus on our friendships with our girls, our nearest and dearest that have been there for us through thick and thin. They have seen us through the good times where we thought life couldn't possibly get any better & through the times where we felt like we never wanted to leave our bed again, when all we wanted was to hide indoors, eat ice-cream & hang out with netflix. Yes us girls have been through it all together & finally we creating a day to mark this!!

So how will we celebrate!? Here are a few of my favourite ways to spend time with my friends!! 

If you have time to plan it -

  • A trip, whether that be over night trip, road trip or just a day trip to somewhere fun like the zoo!
  • You can plan a spa day or a beauty salon trip day!
  • Food is always a good idea, how about lunch, dinner, coffee, pancakes..... hmm I getting hungry just thinking about it!! 
  • You could meet at one of your homes & get crafty, bake or even just have a chill day with TV in pjs and lots of chats.
If you want make a night of it / or time has just slipped away - 
  • You could make a night out if too. Date night? Cocktails? Get dressed up & your drink on? Movie night? Or just treat yourselves to a fancy dinner? Why not? You deserve it after all!!
  • Don't forget it doesn't have to be expensive if its not in the budget! You can a pizza & netflix night!! Your still going to have a blast when its you and you besties!!

If your like me & time has not been your friend lately then remember you can always make a date to celebrate #galentinesday in the future! My bestie & I are going to spend the weekend together as we no longer live close to each other anymore so I'm really excited for that!! So even if you don't have the time to celebrate today. Give 'em a text and let them know you love 'em & make a plan to do something fun just the 2 of you in the near future!! 

Never take the people in your life for granted! They deserved to feel appreciated too!! 

Love you guys & I hope you are having an amazing #galentinesday where ever you are!! Let me know in the comments how you a spending this wonderful day!! I'd to hear what you and your partner in crime will be getting up to!! 

Chat soon x

Thank You for Reading

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Beauty La Linda - Lifestyle || Midweek Motivation || Slaying it 2017 || Procrastination - The Enemy of Productivity!

Hey Friends,

Ok so I'm going to be real. Today I woke up feeling like I have no motivation to do anything. I feel like the Bruno Marz Soundtrack should be playing in the backround of my life "Today I don't feel like doing anything...I just wana lay in my bed" As I was indeed lying in my bed thinking of all the reasons why I didn't have time to be productive today, how I didn't have a post ready & all that I thought to myself I need to get up off my ass & get in the productive mood again!! This procastination isn't helping anyone, least of all me!!

I like to think of myself as a self-motivated person but the truth is I'm not as self-motivated as I thought. I'm a really easy going boss, to myself atleast. In the past I have been in charge in work-places & in that environment I can be hella Productive & get shizz done. However I have realised when I don't have to get up at a certain time, be ready & leave for work I slack off. Not having a routine really messes with me as in my head I just think "ah its fine. I can do it later" However what I fail to remember is that if I had done it when I was supposed to I wouldn't be doing what feels like over-time, eating in to my personal time with family & friends.

At the moment my life is a bit chaotic if I'm honest (if you read my monthly highlights - January, then you will know what I'm talking about) so I can't be too hard on myself, truthfully I'm quite proud of how much I have accomplished in the past month, considering. However now is the time to get back in action. My new year, when it comes to goals, starts now!! I guess its just harder to get started then I thought. So I thought I would share some of my tips for overcoming procrastination & I would really love & appreciate it if you could leave any of your tips in the comments below as I really need to get out of this slump. Send all your slump busters my way!!

Tips for overcoming procrastination

1. Why am I procrastinating??
I think if you know the answer to this you can fix it quicker. Is there a reason behind your procrastination. Undermotivated? Overwhelmed? Tired? Sick of your job? Need a change? Laziness? Find out your reason, then figure out a solution to help keep you on track.

2. Remember your goals
I did this, this morning. I really didn't want to get started, which to be honest I think is the hardest part. I started thinking about all my goals for this year and all the reasons I started blogging in the first place!! I also thought of how happy & proud I was going to feel this evening when it was all done. My end goal is to be my own boss, whether that be with blogging or any other venture I may have so I thought to myself if that's the case I better get over myself fairly lively or I will never make it!! The best boss I have to be, is to myself!
3. Think of how far you have already come
Another thing that might get your butt moving is to think of how far you have come. Think of where you were when you started! Now think of where you are now! Do you want to keep going!? Now think of where you can be in a month/years time! Don't you want to find out? Don't you want to know what that feels like?

4. Go through the wall
Sometimes our procrastination can be based around mundane daily chores & errands that we all know have to be done but exactly fit into our goals for life. Well they do we just don't realise it. I mean think of all the chores & errands you run on a daily/weekly basis. Right now take them all away... what would your life look like... exactly. All things keep us ticking over but lets be honest they can be a drag. For these I tend to use the 
  • Timing method 

I set a timer for a certain length of time to tackle one chore. Whatever I can get done in that time gets done, Whats left can be left until tomorrow. However with this method you will find that either A. You are more productive & quicker as you will naturally race against the clock or B. once you get started you won't care about the timer and end up doing the chore until it is completed. 

  • Make  a list

I think once you make a to-do list you automatically feel like you are being more productive (procrastination in disguise) however if you use the list & tick off all the items along the way it can be a very satisfying feeling. 

  • Get started

I always think just get started & you'll be fine. Starting is the hardest part! Once you get over the first 5/10 mins, you're off! & generally there's no stopping you then.

  • Reward System

Sometimes there's just no getting past it! The spoilt child comes out in all of us and we want a reward for doing what (realistically) we should be doing anyway. Sometimes however thats all that will get us moving. Like I have told myself that after I complete this post I am going relax with a nice cup of tea & a doughnut for my lunch. Don't get me wrong I love blogging with all my heart but sometimes I wish I could just talk and the computer would do the rest of the work #laziness & today is one of those days #bloggerproblems. Just like my reward of tea & a doughnut, you rewards dont have to be big or extravagant they just have to get the job done!    

4. Watch or read motivating material
I find that when I'm in a slump if I watch motivating Youtube videos or read inspiring blog posts they I feel ready to take on the world, like "I want a piece of that action!" I find watching or reading about other peoples success very motivating!! If you haven't tried it before give it a go & let me know what you think!!

Those are all my tips to get you through a period of procrastination, where all your ideas & thoughts are filled with good and productive intent but you can't seem to get off the couch or stop watching re-runs of reality TV like TOWIE & The Jersey Shore #guilty. However by the time this day is out I will have made out a proper routine for myself for the upcoming weeks & see if that helps, what feels like a constant 3pm slump! 

Don't forget to leave you helpful hints below for me in the comments!!

Chat soon x 

Thank You for Reading

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beauty La Linda - Lifestyle || Slaying it 2017 || 5 Tips on staying motivated & on track!!

Hey there Friends!,

In the past month I have been talking a lot about goals for the year! What better time to take a moment to look at your life & where you would like to be in 12 months time? The tips I am going to talk to you about today not only apply to short term, yearly goals but can also be applied to long term goals like buying a house, financial goals, health goals, work or business goals.... etc.. 

I have touched on this over the past couple of weeks if you would like to read those posts all the links will be below!! So here are my tips on staying motivated and on track when it comes to your goals and resolutions!!

Get Visual

I find that if you have your goals displayed and you are surrounded by them then its easier to keep them fresh and at the fore front of your mind. This means even sub-consciously working towards them everyday. You will start making decisions based around your goals!! You can try making a vision board. I haven't tried this yet but it is definitely something I am interested in trying. There are many Youtubers that show you how to make some really great boards. I think you should write your goals everywhere, In your home, office, on your phone, laptop / tablet, anywhere where you will see them everyday & have no way of forgetting them. 

List makers

This is for all my fellow planners and daily list makers out there. If you plan your months, weeks & days don't forget to add them in. If you have told yourself that you are going to set 10 mins a day to something, add it into your planner. Always be aware of your goals when planning your life... how else will you work to achieve them.

Track, Track, Track

Always be tracking your progress. Try not to let it consume your life but at the same time if you always have an idea of where you are with your goal then you will always not only know how far you have left to go but even more important how far you have come since you started & that's always motivating!! 


When achieving most goals there will always be milestones. These milestones must be rewarded!! That way you can build up momentum. There is no better feeling than rewarding yourself for something you know you have worked for and you truely deserve! The pride, happiness, & victory you feel is one of the most motivating things in the world. You feel ready to take on the world!!

Don't Give up!

During every Journey (Just like life) there will always be set backs. It's going to happen one way or another. These moments are going to be the toughest and define your success. You have to roll with the punches, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the ring. Keep going, re-adjust, if theres something you really want then there's not that much that can put a complete stop to it apart from you! You are the only thing standing in your own way! Remember that!   

These are just a few tips I have for staying motivated. Its not easy but it can be done with a little hardwork and perseverance. I believe in all of you!! Please leave me a comment with any tips of your own! I would love to hear them. I always enjoying hearing new tips on how to stay on track with my goals!!

Chat soon x

Thank You for Reading

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Friday, 3 February 2017

Monthly Highlights! - January 2017

Hey Friends,

Last year I started these monthly highlights posts. I loved the concept of them. The concept of truly appreciating every thing that brings you happiness and highlighting them as each month goes by. Its also like a little happiness diary for me, one that I can look back on later in life. It also allows me to stop for a minute and really think about all the great things in my life & take a minute to be truly grateful.  

Last year I ended up missing out on couple of months due to being busy & forgetfulness. So this year I resolved to take it seriously & do my best not to forget. However I very nearly didn't post one this month. Not because I forgot but because I didn't know what to write as I'm honestly don't think I ever want to remember the month that has just passed. It has honestly been one the hardest and most horrible months I have ever had to go through & I definitely didn't feel like marking the occasion. In the past month I have lost a family member, my relationship ended & the future I thought I was going to have is now gone & my home was broken into, ransacked & robbed, all in 21 days to be exact. As you can imagine the last thing I wanted to write a post on was monthly highlights.

However I started thinking, If there is ever a time to remember the good in the world & the people, opportunities & things I have to be truly grateful, now is it. Everyday right now is hard but it will get easier, I have to believe it. So here are the highlights / things I have to be grateful for starting this year out January 2017.

My Family

Due to the circumstances our family has been together almost everyday for going on 3 weeks now. Although we would generally get on well, months, even years could pass by without us noticing before seeing some family members. I have seen more of my family in 2 weeks than I have in 2 years. This week I have even met baby cousins for the first time. They are awesome & reminds me I need to make more time for my family! For this I am grateful. 

My Blog

In the past month even with all the craziness I managed to publish posts. I realised that this is my happy place alot of the time. It takes my mind off things & is something I truly adore. I have realised that this is where my I want to focus my efforts now. I want to immerse myself in this and watch it grow and develop. I am truly grateful for all my followers and readers who just make this whole thing so much more worthwhile. I love reading your comments & interacting with you. Im am so lucky to have this little blog that I get to share with you!!


During this difficult time so many people have been here to support us. This means the world to both my family & myself. People are so good, Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They really are appreciated more than you will ever know. 


My baby charlie, most of you will have heard me mention him before. He's my kitty cat & has barely left my side when I have been at home this month. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. As I am writing this on my bed he is curled up beside me. Somehow I always feel calmer when he's around. Never take your animals for granted guys. They know & feel more than you know.   


Right now my life is starting again at ground zero.. I'm not exactly sure where I am headed right now or where I will be this time next year but I've decided to look at it as a beginning & not an end. I think that not only is this an easier and happier way of looking things but I also think it will focus me in the right direction rather, than focus on everything I have lost, I want focus on everything I have & the adventure that lies ahead of me. 

I don't know if would call them highlights or just things I have been extremely grateful for this month, but these are things that have kind of been keeping me going. Hopefully from February on things will start to look up and there will be many highlights to come this year. 

I hope the start to your year has been much better. I hope you've a great kick start to 2017. Let me know in the comments some your highlights on 2017 so far!!

In Loving Memory of Margaret Howard

Chat soon x

Thank You for Reading

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Midweek Motivation || Taking on too much at once!

Hey Friends, 

So it's that time of year! Everybody's got their new years resolutions & they're all out hustling, girlbossing and going hell for leather to make this year better than last year. 

Recently I was talking to a close friend about my plans for 2017 & while I was telling her all the things I wanted to achieve she said something very interesting to me. She said "Whatever you do don't try to take on everything at once. Nothing can be perfect over night. Its all the little things & little decisions you make everyday that work towards the greater goal!"

This really stuck with me! She was right. I have a tendency to get an idea into my head, attack it and then either get bored, start to feel unmotivated or undefeated with no stamina or will to keep going. This combined with bouts of anxiety sometimes I'm left at a standstill, especially if things are not going great in my personal life. Generally in these times I tend to hide and leave all thoughts of goals or sometimes even blogging on the back burner with no will to carry on for a while.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I have no will to carry on with life or anything dark like that but I just feel like I go into survival mode which means I don't feel like I have the strength to attack life with the force it needs to get goals accomplished.

I have taken note of these words and I really feel like this is something I want to do in 2017. Really think about my goals and plan properly so as not to get overwhelmed and lose before I have even begun. 

I know last year I didn't do badly with my goals at all but blogging really took a hit because my life was chaotic at some points. I had a great year overall but I really didn't have the capacity (or at least think or feel like I did) to take on everything so unfortunately it was blogging that suffered. Which was a shame & also something that made me feel terrible, not only because I feel like I have been promising you guys so much and not delivering but also because I love blogging and it's like an outlet for me when I'm stressed and upset. Just to sit here & talk to you guys!

I have been hearing alot about having a "buzz word" for the new year. I have decided I will try it this year. This year my word is going to be "stability" in all senses and meanings on the word. I need to stabilise most areas of my life and build proper routines, personal relationships, blogging, work, finances, my space, eating & health & mental health. This sounds (& feels) like alot. Even reading that back makes me feel overwhelmed but like my friend says a little a day will get you there. 

As long as you have an idea of where you want to go then you can head in the right direction with decisions you make everyday. 

I hope this post was helpful (I know it was a little rambly) Please let me know in the comments your thoughts on this topic!

Chat soon friends! x

Thank You for Reading

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Beautylalinda - Lifestyle || Slaying it 2017 || 30 before 30 update

Hey Friends!

So on March 2015 (Crazy how time flies) I posted a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. If you want to read it you can click here - 30 Things to do before I'm 30! Here is how I'm getting on so far!! 

1.Learn at least one new Language

This is one I'm starting on this year! It's one of my goals for 2017!! 

2. Jump out of a Plane

Ironic as one of my goals for 2017 is to get on one but it has always been a dream of mine to do this.

3. Get a Tattoo

I still haven't found the right one! I know I want something that means something to me. I will find it, I'm sure of that!

4. See Ed Sheerhan Live

5. Go to Crufts Dog Show

6. Ladies Day at the Races

7. Run the half Marathon

I walked the Mini Marathon with my mother last year for a breast cancer charity, It was a lot of fun. There was a massive turn out and I felt accomplished when it was over. However that was not the goal I set out so I still have it as my goal to run the half marathon. 

8. Get my fortune told

9. Be in a studio audience 

10. Invent a cocktail

11. Go to a drive in cinema

12. Create a scrapbook/ photo album

13. Buy an expensive bag, shoes & watch

14. Read a classic book

15. Travel to atleast 5 places on my list

16. Go to a pantomime

17. Horse Riding

I have whole post which you can click on here 30 before 30 - #17 Horse Riding dedicated to it. However since then I have been horse riding twice & I plan on doing it more!! 

18. Learn to cook more & eat cleaner

19. Learn a craft

20. Go to more comedy gigs

I actually have tickets to seee Russell Howard in february!! Can't wait!! 

21. Try as many fitness classes as possible

22. Take a dance class

23. Go to IMATS and Blogger events

24. Get a puppy

25. Re-connect

In the past couple of years I have re-connected with many old friends & I am so happy about it! I will continue to make the effort and not let the people love slip out of my life because I am too busy! It's not a good enough excuse! 

26. Watch classic movies

27. Attend a musical

28. Go back to college / do another course

In the past few months I went back to college and did a short course on digital marketing which I really enjoyed. I don't want it to stop there though. I think education is an amazing gift that we should all take advantage of!!

29. Play video games

30. Be my own boss

Im not there yet but hopefully if I work hard and keep hustling I will get there in the end!! 

So this is how I'm getting on.. Slowly but surely! Its been almost 2 years since I created this list (I still can't believe that!) which means I have 3 years to go! Then I will start all over again!

I think its important to have dreams and goals! Keeps life interesting and gives you something to work for. We can always improve & we will never be perfect but the key to life is happiness so why not include happiness in our plans? We make so many plans everyday for the things we have to do.. why not make plans for things we want do!! 

I will keep you updated on my journey, Leave me a comment and let me know any of your goals that you have set out for yourself! I would love to hear them! 

Chat soon x

Thank You for Reading

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